About Us
About my organic flowers A love of flowers is part of my heritage. For me, flowers have been a passion my whole life. I am a learn-as-I-go gardener sharing secrets, exchanging, and trying new plants each growing season with other gardeners.

I firmly believe that my garden should be safe for children, pets, birds and butterflies that add beauty and happiness into our lives.

The truth is, the more I learn about flowers - the less I know. That's because gardening is one of those things that has to be constantly revised and revisited. There is always a new delightful surprise just waiting to be discovered.

Have I had failures? You bet! But I found many more wonderful surprises. My first home was a shady and clay-filled soil that you literally could throw pots from. I struggled with a lot of sun loving flowers and loss. So when we were looking for our second home, I wanted a sunny lot to grow all the flowers that I so sorely missed.

My wish came true when we moved into our present home. In just four short years we have created an unbelievably beautiful new garden that is the envy of the neighborhood. From a small plot that was full of weeds and overgrown bushes, we laid lovely stone paths, raised delicious vegetables and have grown all the sun-loving flowers I could possibly want. Now I have all the sun filled flowers I can manage to squeeze in.

Like most of us that have busy life styles, there is never enough time. But through the years, I learned many shortcuts I want to share with you - to help you enjoy a healthy, natural garden all year long. Starting with Spring, the busiest season and the time to get everything planted and started...Into Summer, the time to relax, deadhead your flowers and enjoy the fruits of your labors...Through late Fall when you put your garden to bed...And even into Winter if the weather is mild, when you can see lovely flowers still in bloom.

Through a rich combination of inspiration, experience and common sense, I have created Sharing the Secrets of Safe, Successful Organic Gardening - to help you grow incredibly beautiful flowers. Whether you are new to gardening, an experienced pro, just embarking on a brand new project or are doing container gardening, I invite you to visit this site often, learn as much as you can and make your garden the envy of the neighborhood!