Urban Compost Tumbler: 9.5 Cubic Ft.

Urban Compost Tumbler™ with its Patented Aeration System! Makes Compost in Weeks, Not Months; Works 90% Faster, Requires 75% Less Effort. Made in the USA.

The 9.5 tumbler is simple to use in an urban enviornment.

The tumbler is simple to use, clean, fast, and fits into an urban environment where pest and order control is important. Recycling, by composting at home, helps save money, relieve our landfills while improving the quality of soil, plants and our environment.

Key Benefits of the UCT-9
  • Quick and easy to useAirflow-Urban Compost Tumbler
  • Low maintenance
  • Protects children and pets from exposure to decomposing material that could contain unwanted pathogens
  • Faster, more effective composting with central aeration
  • Fully enclosed design keeps odor in and pests out
  • Aids in moister control for extreme climates
  • No more constant turning of compost pile
  • No tools needed for mixing or turning material
  • Provides insulation to aid heating

UCT-9 fast...clean...safe...easy... 

 Specifications (SKU:UCT-9)

  Capacity: 9.5 cu ft., 71 gallons
 Weight: 70lbs (empty)
 Base Dim: 43" H x 33" W x 34" L.
 Shipping: Ships in two large boxes
 Material: Recycled HTPE plastic

349.99 msrp

Sale Price: 289.99 + 29.99 shipping

SHIPPING to Cont. 48 US States

(Sorry no Hawaii and Alaska)

6-Month Money back guarantee
Warranty: 10-years