The following are some comments from our clients.

"Your gardening advice has been priceless. Your tips and suggestions are wonderful...they are helping me grow the most beautiful garden in the neighborhood!
My Dahlias this year are the size of dinner plates."
- Linda Gutwillig, Creative Copy & Advertising-Long Branch, NJ

"Thank you so much for this wonderfully informative web site. I have learned so much about organic gardening from your articles and your how-to's. I love it that you are helping people protect our planet by showing us how to grow plants and vegetables without harming our environment or putting our health at risk."
June Campbell-Scrapping By Design, Vancouver

"I like your suggestions for weed control. Who would have thought that salt, vinegar or vodka could get rid of weeds. I certainly intend to give that a try."
Dot M.-Pittsburg, PA

"It's a wonder using the Worm Factory to teach kids that most of what they have in life can be recycled."
Susan W.-Poplar Road Elementary

These are the greatest and easiest templates I've ever used. Thanks for making such a great product with so many options and comprehensive support info. I will be telling all my friends and family about your company!
Person Name - Somwhere IL

"Absolutely no smell or mess. I have mine in the kitchen! It's great to have the worms at work all winter in NE New York, and not have to schlep the compost to the pile, awaiting the spring thaw. I love this product!"

"I have had the product working for a couple of months now and love it. Based on design, ease of use and appearance, I have recommended thus product to several fellow gardeners. I have always thought I did a good job recycling and composting, but this has raised that to a new level and I now use items  such as newspaper and paper towels for my worms that would either been recycled or thrown in the trash. Coming up with food 'recipes is quite fun.'"
Sue F.